2015 ORS § 742.350¹
Bonds, undertakings and other obligations required by law may be executed by surety insurers

(1) Whenever any bond, undertaking, recognizance, or other obligation is by law or the charter, ordinance, rules or regulations of any municipality, board, body, organization, court, judge or public officer required or permitted to be made, given, tendered or filed with surety or sureties, and whenever the performance of any act, duty or obligation, or the refraining from any act is required or permitted to be guaranteed, such bond, undertaking, obligation, recognizance or guaranty may be executed by an authorized surety insurer.

(2) The execution by such an insurer of any such obligation is in all respects a full and complete compliance with every requirement that it be executed by one surety, or by one or more sureties, or that such sureties be residents or householders, or freeholders, or either or both, or possess any other qualification.

(3) A surety insurer may be required to justify as surety. It shall be sufficient justification for such surety insurer when examined as to its qualifications to exhibit the certificate of authority issued to it by the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services or a certified copy thereof. [Formerly 747.080 [bad link] and then 743.732]