2015 ORS § 733.578¹
Conditions necessary for investments used to provide compensating balances

Investments of an insurer of the kind described in ORS 733.650 (Investment of funds in certain obligations and other specified items) (4) that are made for the purpose of providing compensating balances for other persons will not be prohibited by ORS 733.575 (Prohibited use of funds as compensating balances) or 733.780 (Prohibited investments) while the following conditions are met:

(1) The investment is made in the name of and remains the sole property of the insurer;

(2) The investment is not subject to appropriation in any manner by any person, including the person for whom the compensating balance is being provided, the institution in which the deposit is made and other creditors of such persons;

(3) The insurer holds an irrevocable written waiver from the depositary institution, in a form satisfactory to the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, waiving all right, title and interest in or to any setoff, bankers or similar lien or other security interest in such investment or any funds represented thereby;

(4) The investment is unrestricted as to right of withdrawal except for such restrictions as may be usual and customary for such investments under ORS 733.650 (Investment of funds in certain obligations and other specified items) (4) when no compensating balance is involved; and

(5) The insurer is receiving a reasonable fee, taking into consideration its return on other funds, for providing the compensating balance involved. [1975 c.232 §3]