2015 ORS § 733.010¹
Assets allowed

In any determination of the financial condition of an insurer, there shall be allowed as assets only such assets as are owned by the insurer and which consist of:

(1) Cash in the possession or control of the insurer, including the true balance of any deposit in a solvent bank or trust company.

(2) Investments held in accordance with the Insurance Code, and due or accrued income items in connection therewith to the extent considered by the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services to be collectible.

(3) Premium notes, policy loans, liens and other like policy assets on life insurance policies and accrued interest thereon, in an amount not exceeding the loan value of the policy.

(4) Due premiums, deferred premiums, installment premiums, and written obligations taken for premiums, to the extent allowed by the director.

(5) The amount recoverable from a reinsurer if credit for reinsurance may be allowed to the insurer under ORS 731.509 (Legislative intent) or 731.510 (Criteria for allowing reduction from liability for reinsurance) and amounts receivable on assumed reinsurance representing funds withheld by a solvent ceding insurer under a reinsurance treaty.

(6) Deposits or equities recoverable from underwriting associations, syndicates and reinsurance funds, or from any suspended banking institution, to the extent deemed by the director to be available for the payment of losses and claims.

(7) Other assets considered by the director to be available for the payment of losses and claims, at values determined by the director. [1967 c.359 §208; 1971 c.321 §18; 1979 c.818 §1; 1993 c.447 §69; 2001 c.318 §7]