2015 ORS § 732.145¹
Stipulations required in subscriptions and applications
  • disposition of subscribed funds

(1) A subscription to the capital stock of an insurer in the process of organization must contain a stipulation that no sum shall be used for commission, promotion or organization expenses in excess of a stated percent of the amount paid upon the subscription. This stated amount may not exceed 15 percent.

(2) Sums paid by subscribers and applicants must be deposited under an escrow agreement approved by the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services in a bank, trust company or savings association in the state until the insurer has procured a certificate of authority from the director.

(3) Every subscription for stock or every application for insurance in an insurer made prior to the insurers receipt of a certificate of authority must contain a stipulation that the money, securities or evidences of debt advanced by the subscriber or applicant must be returned to the subscriber or applicant without deduction in case the insurer fails to complete the insurers organization or procure the insurers certificate of authority or issue the policy applied for. [1967 c.359 §160; 2009 c.541 §48]