2015 ORS § 731.422¹
Order of suspension, revocation or refusal
  • effect upon insurance producers authority

(1) All suspensions or revocations of, or refusals to continue, an insurers certificate of authority shall be by order of the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services order.

(2) Upon suspending, revoking or refusing to continue the insurers certificate of authority, the director forthwith shall give notice thereof to the insurers insurance producers in this state of record in the Department of Consumer and Business Services, and likewise shall suspend or revoke the authority of such insurance producers to represent the insurer. The director also shall give notice to the insurance supervisory authority in jurisdictions in which the insurer is authorized, if a domestic insurer, or in its domicile if a foreign or alien insurer.

(3) In the discretion of the director, the director may publish notice of such suspension, revocation or refusal in one or more newspapers of general circulation in this state. [1967 c.359 §90; 2003 c.364 §69]