2015 ORS § 716.187¹
Changes in registered office or agent

(1) An Oregon savings bank may change its registered office or registered agent by delivering to the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services for filing a statement of change that sets forth:

(a) The name of the Oregon savings bank;

(b) If the registered office is to be changed, the address, including street and number, of the new registered office;

(c) If the registered agent is to be changed, the name of the new registered agent and that the new agent has consented to the appointment; and

(d) That after the change or changes are made, the street addresses of its registered office and the business office of its registered agent will be identical.

(2) If a registered agent changes the street address of the agents business office, the registered agent shall change the street address of the registered office of the Oregon savings bank for which the agent is the registered agent by notifying the Oregon savings bank in writing of the change and signing, either manually or in facsimile, and delivering to the director a statement that complies with the requirements of subsection (1) of this section and recites that the Oregon savings bank has been notified of the change.

(3) The filing of the statement by the director terminates the existing registered office or agent, or both, on the effective date of the filing and establishes the newly appointed registered office or agent, or both, as that of the Oregon savings bank. [2005 c.192 §9]