2015 ORS § 714.045¹
Establishment of foreign branches
  • furnishing information
  • examination
  • rules

(1) A banking institution may establish branches in foreign countries or dependencies or insular possessions of the United States in accordance with ORS 714.025 (Notice required to establish branches in Oregon or outside of Oregon) if it possesses stockholders equity of at least $1 million.

(2) A banking institution operating such branches shall furnish information concerning the condition of the branches to the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services upon demand.

(3) The director may order special examinations of such branches.

(4) The director may promulgate rules regarding such branches pursuant to ORS 183.310 (Definitions for chapter), 183.315 (Application of provisions of chapter to certain agencies), 183.330 (Description of organization), 183.335 (Notice), 183.341 (Model rules of procedure) and 183.410 (Agency determination of applicability of rule or statute to petitioner). [1997 c.631 §315]