2015 ORS § 708A.350¹
Obligations secured by government bonds

In addition to obligations permitted under ORS 708A.295 (Limitations on amount of obligations to Oregon commercial bank), an Oregon commercial bank may make loans to and accept other obligations of a person, not to exceed 20 percent of the Oregon commercial banks capital, if:

(1) The obligation is secured by bonds of any state of the United States or bonds of any county, city, school district, port district or other public body in the United States;

(2) The principal amount of the obligation is not more than 90 percent of the market value of the bonds that secure the obligation;

(3) The bonds are payable from ad valorem taxes; and

(4) The bonds are rated in one of the four highest grades by a recognized investment service organization that has been engaged regularly and continuously for a period of not less than 10 years in rating state and municipal bonds. [1997 c.631 §155]