2015 ORS § 701.485¹
Standards of practice and professional conduct
  • determination of competency
  • sanctions
  • rules
  • fees

(1) The Construction Contractors Board shall adopt rules establishing minimum standards of practice and professional conduct for locksmiths and businesses that provide locksmith services.

(2) The board shall require that an applicant for certification as a locksmith pass a test demonstrating the competency of the applicant to act as a locksmith.

(3) The board may adopt rules to regulate the practice of locksmithing, including but not limited to rules:

(a) Accepting the results of competency testing by a nationally recognized certification program for locksmiths;

(b) Establishing requirements for the issuance or renewal of a locksmith certificate, including but not limited to training and continuing education requirements;

(c) Establishing standards of professional conduct for certified locksmiths; and

(d) Establishing fees necessary for the administration of ORS 701.475 (Definitions for ORS 701.475 to 701.490) to 701.490 (Exemptions from certification, licensure and other requirements) that do not exceed the following amounts:

(A) $100 for application.

(B) $100 for testing.

(C) $300 for issuance of an initial two-year certificate.

(D) $300 for renewal of a two-year certificate.

(4) The board shall adopt rules establishing procedures for the issuance, renewal and revocation of a locksmith certificate.

(5) The board may suspend or revoke a locksmith certificate if the locksmith:

(a) Fails to comply with a continuing education requirement established by the board; or

(b) Violates a standard of professional conduct for certified locksmiths established by board rule. [2009 c.781 §4]