2015 ORS § 701.109¹
Reporting of final judgments

(1) As used in this section, judgment means:

(a) A judgment issued in a court action; or

(b) A court order that confirms an arbitration award.

(2) A contractor shall send the Construction Contractors Board a copy of a final judgment entered by a circuit court of this state, or by an equivalent court in another state, if the judgment orders the contractor to pay damages that arise from a breach of contract or from negligent or improper work and that relate to the construction or proposed construction of a residential structure. The contractor shall cause the copy of the final judgment to be delivered to the board no later than 45 days after the final judgment is recorded.

(3) Notwithstanding subsection (2) of this section, a contractor is not required to send the board a copy of a final judgment if:

(a) The contractor paid the damages and other amounts payable by the contractor under the judgment no later than 30 days after recording of the judgment; or

(b) The contractor is appealing the judgment and has filed any undertaking on appeal required by ORS 19.300 (Undertakings on appeal generally).

(4) In determining whether to impose a disciplinary sanction under this chapter, the board shall give due consideration to any past or current attempts by the contractor to make payments toward satisfaction of a judgment. [2007 c.540 §2]