2015 ORS § 701.063¹
Term of license
  • fee
  • renewal
  • inactive status
  • license identification card

(1) A license is valid for two years from the date of issuance unless the license is revoked or suspended as set forth in ORS 701.098 (Grounds for discipline).

(2) A license may be renewed by submitting an application for renewal on the prescribed form, providing any additional information required, including evidence of completion of any required education, and submitting the appropriate application fee, as provided by Construction Contractors Board rule.

(3) The board may vary the dates of license renewal by giving to the licensee written notice of the renewal date assigned and by making appropriate adjustments in the fee for the license renewal application.

(4) If a contractor applies for renewal not more than two years after the contractors license lapses, upon the contractors compliance with the requirements of subsection (2) of this section, the board may renew the lapsed license. The board may designate the effective date of renewal as the last date on which the contractor was licensed.

(5) A contractor may convert a license to inactive status if the contractor is not engaged in work as a contractor. A contractor having an inactive license is subject to board licensing requirements and application fees, but is not subject to the bonding requirement of ORS 701.068 (Bonding requirements) or the insurance requirement of ORS 701.073 (Insurance required of licensed contractors). A commercial general or commercial specialty contractor having an inactive license is not subject to the key employee continuing education requirements of ORS 701.086 (Key employee continuing education). An inactive license is not considered a valid license for purposes of offering to undertake construction work, submitting a bid for construction work, obtaining a building permit or performing construction work. A license may not be placed or maintained in inactive status more than once during any two-year licensing term.

(6) The board shall issue a pocket-card certificate of licensure to a contractor licensed under this chapter indicating the type of license issued. [Formerly 701.115; 2009 c.408 §§4,5]