2015 ORS § 682.079¹
Power of Oregon Health Authority to grant exemptions or variances
  • rules

(1) The Oregon Health Authority may grant exemptions or variances from one or more of the requirements of ORS 820.330 (Failure to make, maintain and make available ambulance records) to 820.380 (Illegal ambulance or emergency vehicle sirens) or this chapter or the rules adopted thereunder to any class of vehicles if it finds that compliance with such requirement or requirements is inappropriate because of special circumstances which would render compliance unreasonable, burdensome or impractical due to special conditions or cause, or because compliance would result in substantial curtailment of necessary ambulance service. Such exemptions or variances may be limited in time or may be conditioned as the authority considers necessary to protect the public welfare.

(2) In determining whether or not a variance shall be granted, the advice of the State Emergency Medical Service Committee shall be received and in all cases the equities involved and the advantages and disadvantages to the welfare of patients and the owners of vehicles shall be weighed by the authority.

(3) Rules under this section shall be adopted, amended or repealed in accordance with ORS 183.330 (Description of organization). [Formerly 682.285; 2009 c.595 §1076]