2015 ORS § 679.520¹
Treatment of dental waste materials containing mercury

(1) A dentist who places in or removes from the human oral cavity dental materials containing mercury shall:

(a) Implement and maintain best management practices of dental wastes as developed by the Oregon Dental Association to prevent amalgam waste and mercury from entering the air, sewage systems, waterways and garbage;

(b) Have an amalgam separator installed on a wastewater drain in a dental facility where the dentist practices if dental materials containing amalgam pass through the wastewater drain. The amalgam separator must be verified by the manufacturer to remove at least 95 percent of the amalgam that passes through the drain on which it is installed;

(c) Maintain an amalgam separator installed as required by this subsection in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations; and

(d) Place all dental waste materials containing mercury in a vapor-proof container that is clearly labeled as containing mercury and dispose of the materials in accordance with best management practices of dental wastes recommended by the Oregon Dental Association. Disposal may not be by incineration that would result in the release of mercury into the air.

(2) Each dental office shall keep proof of installation of an amalgam separator and maintain an amalgam separator maintenance log that the office shall make available for inspection by the Oregon Board of Dentistry. The board may inspect maintenance logs from a period of up to three years prior to the date of inspection. [2007 c.517 §2]