2015 ORS § 678.275¹
Provision of nurse anesthetist services in hospitals

(1) A certified registered nurse anesthetist may deliver the following services without medical collaboration in connection with a procedure performed in a hospital:

(a) Assessment of the health status of the patient as that status relates to the relative risks associated with anesthetic management of the patient;

(b) Determination and administration of an appropriate anesthesia plan, including but not limited to selection, ordering and administration of anesthetic agents, airway management and monitoring and recording of vital signs, life support functions, mechanical support use, fluid management and electrolyte and blood component balance;

(c) Action necessary to counteract problems that may develop during implementation of the anesthesia plan; and

(d) Necessary or routine post-anesthesia care.

(2) Consistent with the provisions of ORS 678.245 (Definitions for ORS 678.245 to 678.285) to 678.285 (Board regulation of nurse anesthetists) and the scope of practice established by the Oregon State Board of Nursing pursuant to ORS 678.285 (Board regulation of nurse anesthetists), hospital rules and regulations and medical staff bylaws may define whether the delivery of anesthesia services in connection with a procedure in a hospital by a certified registered nurse anesthetist shall be:

(a) Deemed practice by an independent health care provider;

(b) Subject to a requirement of supervision or medical collaboration by an anesthesiologist; or

(c) Subject to any other requirement that may be applied with due regard for patient health and safety. [1997 c.575 §4]

Note: See note under 678.245 (Definitions for ORS 678.245 to 678.285).