2015 ORS § 677.085¹
What constitutes practice of medicine

A person is practicing medicine if the person does one or more of the following:

(1) Advertise, hold out to the public or represent in any manner that the person is authorized to practice medicine in this state.

(2) For compensation directly or indirectly received or to be received, offer or undertake to prescribe, give or administer any drug or medicine for the use of any other person.

(3) Offer or undertake to perform any surgical operation upon any person.

(4) Offer or undertake to diagnose, cure or treat in any manner, or by any means, methods, devices or instrumentalities, any disease, illness, pain, wound, fracture, infirmity, deformity, defect or abnormal physical or mental condition of any person.

(5) Except as provided in ORS 677.060 (Persons and practices not within scope of chapter), append the letters M.D. or D.O. to the name of the person, or use the words Doctor, Physician, Surgeon, or any abbreviation or combination thereof, or any letters or words of similar import in connection with the name of the person, or any trade name in which the person is interested, in the conduct of any occupation or profession pertaining to the diagnosis or treatment of human diseases or conditions mentioned in this section. [Formerly 677.030; 1989 c.830 §3]