2015 ORS § 675.040¹
Examinations for licensing

(1) Examinations administered by the State Board of Psychologist Examiners for applicants for licenses under ORS 675.010 (Definitions for ORS 675.010 to 675.150) to 675.150 (Enforcement procedures) shall be held at least once every year at such times and places as the board may determine. Timely and appropriate notice shall be sent to each applicant.

(2) Any applicant may, upon written request to the board, discuss the applicants performance on the board administered examination with the board.

(3) Any applicant who fails to make a passing grade on the board administered examination shall be allowed to take the examination a second time. Any applicant who fails the examination a second time must obtain special permission from the board to take the examination again. [1963 c.396 §4; 1973 c.777 §6; 2005 c.7 §2]