2015 ORS § 660.162¹
Adoption of policies, standards and programs by State Board of Education
  • rules

The State Board of Education, in cooperation with the State Apprenticeship and Training Council and the appropriate state joint committee, by rule shall adopt policies, standards and programs to carry out the provisions of ORS 660.002 (Declaration of policy). Such policies, standards or programs may involve any of the following matters:

(1) Development of courses of study for apprentices and trainees in the trade, craft or industrial occupation over which the committee exercises jurisdiction.

(2) Operation of related instruction classes by district school boards and in courses implemented under ORS 660.157 (Standard courses of study for apprentices and trainees) (3).

(3) Development of uniform standards covering occupational qualifications and teacher training requirements for instructors.

(4) Preservice and inservice training for instructors.

(5) Evaluation procedures for determining credit for apprenticeship training toward community college associate degrees.

(6) Defining procedures for granting credit for work experience to instructors, skilled craftsmen or journeyworkers toward the requirements of a community college associate degree. [1971 c.271 §9; 1973 c.648 §3; 1977 c.490 §5; 1989 c.491 §65; 2011 c.140 §10]