2015 ORS § 659A.136¹
Medical examinations and inquiries of employees

(1) Except as provided in this section, an employer may not require that an employee submit to a medical examination, may not make inquiries of an employee as to whether the employee has a disability, and may not make inquiries of an employee as to the nature or severity of any disability of the employee, unless the examination or inquiry is shown to be job-related and consistent with business necessity.

(2) An employer may conduct voluntary medical examinations, including voluntary medical histories, that are part of an employee health program available to employees at that work site. An employer may make inquiries into the ability of an employee to perform job-related functions.

(3) Information obtained under subsection (2) of this section relating to the medical condition or history of any employee is subject to the same restrictions applicable to information acquired from medical examinations authorized under ORS 659A.133 (Medical examinations and inquiries of job applicants). [Formerly 659.448; 2007 c.70 §296; 2009 c.508 §12]