2015 ORS § 659A.004¹
Short title

The amendments to ORS 10.030 (Eligibility for jury service), 20.107 (Attorney and expert witness fees and other costs on claim of unlawful discrimination), 30.860 (Action for trade discrimination), 93.270 (Certain discriminatory restrictions in conveyancing instruments prohibited), 109.035 (Security required before foreign travel with child), 166.155 (Intimidation in the second degree), 166.165 (Intimidation in the first degree), 174.100 (Definitions), 179.750 (Equal care and services for persons in state institutions), 192.630 (Meetings of governing body to be open to public), 240.306 (Recruitment, selection and promotion of state employees), 338.125 (Student enrollment), 353.100 (Applicability of laws to university), 418.648 (Rights of foster parents), 418.925 (Refugee child defined), 421.352 (Applicability of certain statutes to Oregon Corrections Enterprises), 430.550 (Discrimination prohibited), 443.739 (Rights of residents), 458.505 (Community action agency network as delivery system for federal antipoverty programs), 659.850 (Discrimination in education prohibited), 659A.003 (Purpose of ORS chapter 659A), 659A.006 (Declaration of policy against unlawful discrimination), 659A.030 (Discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status or age prohibited), 659A.403 (Discrimination in place of public accommodation prohibited), 659A.406 (Aiding or abetting certain discrimination prohibited), 659A.409 (Notice that discrimination will be made in place of public accommodation prohibited), 659A.421 (Discrimination in selling, renting or leasing real property prohibited), 659A.805 (Rules for carrying out ORS chapter 659A), 659A.815 (Advisory agencies and intergroup-relations councils), 659A.885 (Civil action), 660.139 (Applicant indentured to family business or current employer) and 744.353 by sections 1 to 31, 33 and 34, chapter 100, Oregon Laws 2007, and the repeal of ORS 236.380 by section 32, chapter 100, Oregon Laws 2007, may be cited as the Oregon Equality Act. [2007 c.100 §42; 2007 c.903 §17]