2015 ORS § 658.475¹
Injunctive relief and damages for violation of ORS 658.405 to 658.503

The Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries, or any other person, may bring an action in circuit court to enjoin any person from using the services of an unlicensed labor contractor or to enjoin any person acting as a labor contractor in violation of ORS 658.405 (Definitions for ORS 658.405 to 658.503) to 658.503 (Service of process when labor contractor unavailable), or rules promulgated pursuant thereto, from committing future violations. The court may award to the prevailing party costs and disbursements and a reasonable attorney fee. In addition, the amount of damages recoverable from a person acting as a labor contractor who violates ORS 658.410 (Labor contractor license requirement) or 658.440 (Requirements for labor contractors) (1)(i) or (j) or (3)(e) is actual damages or $2,000, whichever amount is greater. [1981 c.607 §3; 1983 c.654 §9; 1989 c.164 §13; 2005 c.340 §6; 2007 c.160 §6; 2007 c.161 §1; 2013 c.584 §22]