2015 ORS § 657.676¹
Reconsideration of determinations
  • conditions
  • rules
  • hearing and review

(1) Upon motion of the Director of the Employment Department or upon application of an interested employer, the director may reconsider a determination of employer subjectivity, tax rate or tax assessment, irrespective of whether the determination has become final. The director may reconsider a determination when there is evidence of:

(a) Computation errors;

(b) Clerical errors;

(c) Misinformation provided to a party by the Employment Department;

(d) Facts not previously known to the department; or

(e) Errors caused by misapplication of law by the department.

(2) The reconsideration shall be accomplished by the director or any employee the director may designate for the purpose, in accordance with rules adopted by the director. The director or designated employee may make a new determination, which is subject to hearing, review and appeal in accordance with ORS 657.485 (Notice of rate) and 657.679 (Determination that employing unit or employment is subject to this chapter) to 657.684 (Judicial review of decisions under ORS 657.683). [1977 c.538 §13; 2007 c.88 §1]