2015 ORS § 657.660¹
Records and reports of employing units

(1) Every employing unit shall keep true and accurate records of all persons employed by it and such records of hours worked, wages paid and other statistics as prescribed by the Director of the Employment Department for the administration of this chapter.

(2) Such records shall be open to inspection by the director or an authorized representative of the director at any reasonable time. No person shall refuse to allow the director or authorized representative to inspect the payroll or other records or documents relative to the enforcement of this chapter.

(3) The director may require from any employing unit such reports on the wages, hours, employment, unemployment and related matters concerning its employees as the director deems necessary to the effective administration of this chapter.

(4) Every employing unit shall fully, correctly and promptly furnish the director all information required by the director to carry out the purposes and provisions of this chapter.