2015 ORS § 657.625¹
Publication of rules, reports and information on Employment Department law

(1) The Director of the Employment Department shall cause to be printed in proper form for distribution the classification, rates, rules, regulations and rules of procedure and furnish the same to any person upon application therefor. The fact that such classifications, rates, rules, regulations and rules of procedure are printed ready for distribution to all who apply for the same, shall be a sufficient publication of the same as required by this chapter.

(2) The director may also publish from time to time any special reports of the results of any investigation which the director may have conducted.

(3) The director shall publish in suitable form information concerning the rights of employees under this chapter and such other information concerning this chapter and the regulations pursuant thereto as the director considers suitable and proper, and require every employer to post such publications at the place of employment of the employer. [Amended by 1975 c.605 §31]