2015 ORS § 657.535¹
Liens under ORS 657.525 or 657.530
  • priority
  • filing statement of lien
  • foreclosure

(1) The liens created by ORS 657.525 (Lien on subjects and products of labor for which contributions are due) and 657.530 (Lien on property used in connection with employment on which contributions are due) shall be prior to all other liens and encumbrances, except labor liens and taxes, and they shall have equal priority with other tax liens.

(2) In order to assert such liens, the Director of the Employment Department shall, within 60 days after the employer is in default, as provided in ORS 657.515 (Delinquent taxes) (3), file with the county clerk of the county within which such property is then situated, a statement in writing describing the property upon which a lien is claimed and stating the amount of the lien claimed by the director. If a lien is claimed on real property not then owned by the employer, such statement must be filed within 60 days from the completion of the work.

(3) When a lien is claimed on real property, the director shall, within one year from the filing of the statement, commence a suit to cause such lien to be foreclosed in the manner provided by law for the foreclosure of other liens on real or personal property. If the lien is claimed on personal property, the director may, within one year from the filing of the statement, commence foreclosure proceedings as provided in ORS 87.110 and 87.115 (1973 Replacement Part). [Amended by 1987 c.158 §127]