2015 ORS § 657.467¹
Amounts included in fund adequacy percentage ratio computations

Notwithstanding the payment of regular and extended unemployment insurance benefits to employees of employing units which reimburse the fund in lieu of taxes from moneys in the Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund, such moneys shall be included with the balance in the Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund in any computation of a fund adequacy percentage ratio under this chapter as though said moneys had been reimbursed to the fund as provided in ORS 657.505 (Payment of and liability for taxes). Should advance payments made by reimbursing employers exceed the amount of benefit payments, the excess amount shall be excluded from the fund balance. [1965 c.359 §3; subsection (2) enacted

as 1967

c.435 §12; 1971 c.463 §17; 1977 c.538 §5]