2015 ORS § 657.357¹
Apprenticeship program participants eligible for benefits
  • conditions

This section is amended
Effective March 3, 2016
Relating to an increase in the maximum number of weeks for which an unemployed individual participating in an apprenticeship program may be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits; creating new provisions; amending ORS 657.357; and declaring an emergency.

Notwithstanding the requirements or restrictions of ORS 657.335 (Definitions for ORS 657.335 to 657.360) to 657.360 (When employer charged for benefits) or the provisions of this chapter relating to availability for work, actively seeking work or refusal to accept suitable work, an unemployed individual participating in an apprenticeship program who is otherwise eligible for unemployment insurance benefits shall not be ineligible for such benefits or waiting week credit solely by reason of attending a program of related instruction established in accordance with ORS 660.157 (Standard courses of study for apprentices and trainees) when such attendance does not exceed five weeks during the benefit year of the individual and when such attendance is required as a condition of the individuals continued employment and shall be considered to be in a program of instruction with the approval of the Director of the Employment Department if the individual:

(1) Provides the director with a copy of that individuals effective apprenticeship agreement approved in accordance with the requirements of ORS 660.002 (Declaration of policy) to 660.210 (Tort liability of committees, officers, employees and agents); and

(2) Establishes to the satisfaction of the director that the training is scheduled by a work-related entity other than the claimant. [1989 c.818 §3; 1999 c.124 §1]