2015 ORS § 646A.416¹
Limitation on commencement of action

An action brought under ORS 646A.400 (Definitions for ORS 646A.400 to 646A.418) to 646A.418 (Remedies supplementary to existing statutory or common law remedies) must be commenced within one year after whichever of the following periods ends earlier:

(1) The period ending on the date on which the mileage on the motor vehicle reaches 24,000 miles;

(2) The two-year period following the date of the original delivery of the motor vehicle to the consumer; or

(3) The period that ends after an extension of time provided under ORS 646A.406 (Presumption of reasonable attempt to conform) (3). [Formerly 646.365 [bad link]; 2009 c.448 §8]