2015 ORS § 621.181¹
Standards of sanitation for operation of plants and facilities

The State Department of Agriculture shall prescribe minimum standards of sanitation for the operation of dairy products plants and physical facilities of a distributor or producer-distributor including, but not limited to, standards for the:

(1) Washing, cleaning, maintenance and condition of floors, walls and ceilings of all rooms directly connected with the handling, processing and storage of dairy products, fluid milk or milk, and the equipment used therein, including bulk tank trucks and other mobile equipment used in the transportation of milk or cream from farm to plant or between plants.

(2) Health and cleanliness of personnel.

(3) Cleanliness and sanitation of surrounding premises.

(4) Disposal of all waste and sewage material.

(5) Control of insects and rodents.

(6) Construction, cleaning and sanitizing of utensils, containers and equipment used in direct contact with dairy products, fluid milk or milk. [1953 c.686 §6; 1999 c.197 §28]