2015 ORS § 62.425¹
Unclaimed distribution, redemptions or payments

(1) Any distribution of net margins by a cooperative or any redemption of or payment based upon any indebtedness, capital stock of a cooperative or other equity interest which remains unclaimed four years after the date authorized for payment, redemption or retirement may be forfeited by the board. Any amount forfeited may revert to the cooperative, if, at least six months prior to the declared date of forfeiture, notice that the payment is available has been mailed to the last-known address of the person shown by the cooperatives records to be entitled thereto or, if the address is unknown, is published as provided by ORS 62.245 (Missing certificates or evidence of interest in cooperative).

(2) This section applies to payments authorized before or after January 1, 1958, except that this section does not authorize the forfeiture prior to January 1, 1959, of any right to any such amount which would not otherwise have been barred prior to January 1, 1959. [1957 c.716 §37; 1987 c.341 §1; 1995 c.195 §13]