2015 ORS § 609.992¹
Penalties for ORS 609.319
  • transfer of rights in exotic animal

(1) Violation of ORS 609.341 (Permit requirement for keeping of exotic animal) is a Class B misdemeanor.

(2) In addition to and not in lieu of any jail sentence or fine it may impose, a court may require a defendant convicted under ORS 609.341 (Permit requirement for keeping of exotic animal) to forfeit any rights of the defendant in any exotic animal kept in violation thereof and to repay reasonable costs incurred by any person, city, county or state agency in caring for the animal prior to judgment.

(3) When the court orders the defendants rights in the exotic animal to be forfeited, the court may further order that those rights be given over to an appropriate person or agency demonstrating a willingness to accept and care for the animal or to the county or an appropriate animal care agency for further disposition in accordance with accepted practices for humane treatment of animals. This subsection shall not constitute or authorize any limitation upon the right of the person or agency to whom rights are granted to resell or otherwise make disposition of the animal. A transfer of rights under this subsection constitutes a transfer of ownership. [1985 c.437 §6]