2015 ORS § 609.168¹
Microchip identification of dog
  • rules

(1) A county shall implant an identifying microchip into a dog described in ORS 609.162 (Guidelines for imposing remedial measures, civil penalties or other sanctions) that is not put to death. Implantation shall be made prior to any adoption or relocation of the dog. The State Department of Agriculture, by rule, shall prescribe standards for microchip implantation. The county making an implantation shall forward the microchip information and the record of the dog to the department.

(2) The department shall maintain the record for a dog implanted with a microchip under this section for a reasonable period and shall make the record available to any county upon request.

(3) The county and the department may charge reasonable fees to the dog owner to cover the cost of conducting and administering the microchip implantation program. [1999 c.756 §9]