2015 ORS § 609.165¹
Judicial review of county determination

(1) A determination issued under ORS 609.156 (Opportunity to request hearing) or 609.158 (Hearing process) is subject to judicial review by the circuit court for the county making the determination as provided under ORS 34.010 (Former writ of certiorari as writ of review) to 34.100 (Power of court on review). Notwithstanding ORS 34.070 (Stay of proceedings), filing a petition for review shall automatically stay execution of the determination made by the county.

(2) Notwithstanding ORS 34.030 (Jurisdiction to grant writ), a petition for review must be filed no later than the 21st day following the date on which the county delivered or mailed its determination in accordance with ORS 609.158 (Hearing process) (4). The filing of a request for reexamination under ORS 609.158 (Hearing process) (5) does not act to toll the time for filing a petition for judicial review. However, if a county governing body reexamines the determination, the time for filing a petition for judicial review shall be extended through the 21st day following the date that the result of the reexamination is delivered or mailed.

(3) If the court reverses the decision of the county, the court shall make special findings of fact based upon the evidence in the record and conclusions of law indicating clearly all aspects in which the countys procedure or determination was in error. [1999 c.756 §4]