2015 ORS § 607.303¹
Owner or lessee of property taking up estray animal
  • notice to owner and department

(1) A person who finds an estray animal unlawfully being permitted to run at large upon the premises of the person, or premises of which the person has lawful possession or control, may take up the animal if the owner of the animal is known to the person.

(2) A person taking up an animal shall within five days give notice of the taking up by certified or registered mail addressed to the owner or person having control of the animal. The notice shall:

(a) Contain a concise description of the animal, including marks and brands, if any.

(b) State that the animal will be released to and sold by the State Department of Agriculture as an estray animal unless redeemed before sale.

(c) State the date of taking up the animal and that the department may sell an unclaimed animal not less than 30 days and not more than 45 days after the date of taking up the animal.

(3) A person taking up an animal shall, no later than five days after giving the notice provided in subsection (2) of this section, forward a copy of the notice to the department or give a copy of the notice to a brand inspector or other agent of the department. [1957 c.604 §24; 2009 c.336 §3]