2015 ORS § 60.813¹
Dissenters rights

Unless otherwise provided in a corporations articles of incorporation or bylaws before a control share acquisition has occurred, in the event control shares acquired in a control share acquisition are accorded voting rights and the acquiring person or acquiring group owns, or has the power to direct the voting of, other than solely through the holding of immediately revocable proxies, voting shares with a majority or more of the total voting power of all voting shares, any holder of voting shares of the issuing public corporation who does not vote in favor of the restoration of voting rights shall be entitled to dissent from such restoration and obtain the fair value of the holders shares. ORS 60.551 (Definitions for ORS 60.551 to 60.594) and 60.557 (Dissent by nominees and beneficial owners) to 60.594 (Court costs and counsel fees) shall apply to dissenters rights created under this section, except that for purposes of this section, fair value may not be a value less than the highest price paid per share by the acquiring person or acquiring group in the control share acquisition. ORS 60.554 (Right to dissent) shall not apply to dissenters rights created under this section. [1989 c.4 §5]

Note: See note under 60.801 (Definitions for ORS 60.801 to 60.816).