2015 ORS § 60.674¹
Asset distribution
  • deposit with Department of State Lands
  • claims

Assets of a dissolved corporation that should be distributed to a creditor, claimant or shareholder of the corporation who cannot be found shall be reduced to cash and, within one year after the final distribution in such liquidation or winding up is payable, deposited with the Department of State Lands. The receiver or other liquidating agent shall prepare in duplicate and under oath a statement containing the names and last-known addresses of the persons entitled to such funds. One of the statements shall be filed with the Department of State Lands with the cash and another shall be delivered to the office for filing. The owner, heirs or personal representatives of the owner, may file a claim with the Department of State Lands in the manner provided by ORS 98.392 (Claim for unclaimed property reported to Department of State Lands) and 98.396 (Determination of claim). [1987 c.52 §154; 1993 c.694 §34]