2015 ORS § 59.155¹
Director is agent for service of process
  • manner of service
  • exceptions

(1) The Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services shall be an agent for the following persons upon whom may be served at any time any process, notice or demand in a civil proceeding under the Oregon Securities Law, including a proceeding brought by the director:

(a) Every licensee or registrant or applicant for a license or registration of a security, every person who files a notice under ORS 59.049 (Federal covered securities exempt from registration) or 59.175 (Procedures for notice filing and licensing), and every person who offers or sells a security in this state, directly or indirectly, unless the security or the sale is exempt from ORS 59.055 (Conditions of offer and sale of securities); and

(b) Every person, a resident or nonresident of this state, who has engaged in conduct prohibited or made actionable under the Oregon Securities Law.

(2) Service shall be made by:

(a) Serving the director or a clerk on duty at the Department of Consumer and Business Services a copy of the process, notice or demand, with any papers required by law to be delivered in connection with the service, or by mailing to the department a copy of the process, notice or demand by certified or registered mail, and a $2 fee for each party being served;

(b) Transmittal by the person instituting the proceeding of notice of the service on the director and one copy of the process, notice or demand and accompanying papers to the person being served by certified mail:

(A) At such persons address, if any, as shown by the records of the director; and

(B) At such address the use of which the person initiating the proceedings knows or on the basis of reasonable inquiry has reason to believe is most likely to result in actual notice; and

(c) Filing with the appropriate court or other body, as part of the return of service, of the return receipt of mailing and an affidavit of the person initiating the proceedings that this section has been complied with.

(3) The procedure permitted by this section shall not be available when personal jurisdiction can otherwise be obtained in this state.

(4) After completion of initial service upon the director, no additional documents need be served upon the director to maintain jurisdiction in the same proceeding or to give notice of any motion or provisional process. [1967 c.537 §16; 1987 c.603 §9; 1989 c.197 §7; 1997 c.772 §14]