2015 ORS § 561.075¹
Reports to director
  • publications

(1) The Director of Agriculture may call for such reports, statistics and information as the director may desire, from time to time, from any division chief or employee of the State Department of Agriculture.

(2) The director may, from time to time, cause to be published and distributed to the public in pamphlet form, or such other form as the director may deem best, such information as the director may judge to be of assistance in carrying on any of the work or purposes for the administration or for the carrying on of which the department is established.

(3) All printing of such reports, pamphlets or other literature shall be done by the Oregon Department of Administrative Services.

(4) Unless otherwise provided by law, the State Department of Agriculture may establish charges for any publication produced by it as authorized by subsection (2) of this section. Such charges shall be in amounts sufficient to cover the costs of preparation, printing, mailing and handling of each publication. [Formerly 561.180]