2015 ORS § 552.403¹
Watershed improvement plans
  • cooperation with Water Resources Commission

(1) A district shall, within a reasonable time after formation, prepare broad, general plans of watershed improvement. The plan may be prepared in cooperation with the Water Resources Commission and shall conform to the state water resources policy declared by ORS 536.220 (Policy on water resources generally).

(2) The plan also shall show existing and proposed works of the district and of other public and private agencies relating to water use and control. It shall demonstrate a basis for the coordination and planning of future works of the district, governmental agencies and private interests to assure the maximum beneficial use and conservation of the water resources of the district. The projects and improvement plans shall be based on the inventory of water, needs of the district related to natural resources, and plans and programs, if any, developed by the Water Resources Commission. The district may have access to all information, statistics, plans and data in the possession of or available to any state agency or public corporation which is pertinent to the preparation of the plan and may reimburse the agency or corporation for any expense incurred in cooperating with the board.

(3) After approval by the district board, the plan of the district including the plan for financing any existing or proposed works may be submitted to the Water Resources Commission for recommendations.

(4) The district board shall make revisions found necessary for the proper control, utilization, conservation, development and improvement of the water resources of the district, and for the protection and enhancement of the quality of such water resources. [1969 c.606 §31]