2015 ORS § 552.108¹
Creation of water improvement district
  • purposes
  • limitation

(1) A water improvement district may be created as provided by this chapter for the purpose of acquiring, purchasing, constructing, improving, operating and maintaining drainage, irrigation, and flood and surface water control works in order to prevent damage and destruction of life and property by floods, to improve the agricultural and other uses of lands and waters, to improve the public health, welfare and safety, to provide domestic or municipal and industrial water supply, to provide water-related recreation and for the purpose of enhancing water pollution control, water quality, and fish and wildlife resources.

(2) Nothing in this chapter grants to a district the power to generate, distribute, transmit or sell electricity or to sell water or falling water to any person to generate electricity. [1969 c.606 §3; 1987 c.185 §2]