2015 ORS § 545.595¹
Payment of assessment
  • relief from further assessment

At any time after issuance of the bonds, a landowner may relieve the land of the landowner from payment of the principal and interest assessed against the landowner by securing from the county clerk, on a form to be provided by the county clerk for that purpose, a certificate showing the lands assessed and the amount due. The certificate shall be signed and certified by the clerk under the seal of office. Upon its presentation to the county treasurer and payment to the county treasurer of the amount due, either in cash or matured or unmatured bonds of the district, the treasurer shall, on the certificate, mark the amount as paid. Upon presentation by the owner of the certificate so receipted to the county clerk, the clerk shall insert in a column of the bond lien docket provided for that purpose, a notation showing the payment and satisfaction of the assessment in full with interest. Upon such payment of the assessment on any tract or parcel of land, the tract or parcel shall thereafter forever be relieved from assessment for the payment of irrigation bonds issued prior to the date of the payment, except for an assessment that may be levied by the board of directors of the irrigation district for an emergency fund, not exceeding the amount specified in ORS 545.599 (Five-year additional assessment). [Formerly 545.264]