2015 ORS § 545.553¹
Petition for election on authorization and issuance of bonds

When a petition requesting an election is filed with the board of directors, if the petition is signed by all of the owners of all lands within the district, an election shall be held to determine whether bonds of an irrigation district shall be authorized and issued as provided by this section and ORS 545.551 (Application of ORS 545.553 and 545.555), 545.555 (Holding election), 545.557 (Bonds) and 545.559 (Bonds and coupons to be negotiable instruments). The petition shall state the amount of bonds to be authorized, the purposes for which the bonds are to be issued and the maximum time in which they may mature. Upon the filing of a petition under this section, the board shall proceed to call an election which shall be held within 20 days after the filing of the petition. [Formerly 545.230]