2015 ORS § 543A.020¹

The Legislative Assembly declares that it is the policy of the State of Oregon:

(1) To reauthorize the use of water by existing projects provided that such projects meet the standards established in ORS 543A.025 (Minimum standards for decision on reauthorization of water right), are consistent with other applicable state laws and will not impair or be detrimental to the public interest.

(2) To recognize that existing projects have resulted in both benefits and costs to society, and that the opportunity exists on reauthorization to promote the public benefits while minimizing the public costs.

(3) To maintain or enhance the natural resources of the state and to protect the natural resources of the state from adverse impacts caused by the continued existence of a project.

(4) To protect the health and safety of the residents of the state.

(5) To require the Water Resources Department and other affected state agencies to conduct a coordinated review of projects seeking reauthorization in order to develop a unified state position in any local, state or federal proceedings related to the reauthorization of hydroelectric projects. [1997 c.449 §4]