2015 ORS § 543A.015¹

It is the purpose of this chapter and ORS 468.065 (Issuance of permits), 468B.040 (Certification of hydroelectric power project), 468B.045 (Certification of change to hydroelectric power project), 468B.046 (Reauthorization of hydroelectric project not to limit authority of department related to certification of project for water quality purposes), 536.015 (Water Resources Department Hydroelectric Fund), 536.050 (Fees), 543.012 (Applicability of chapter to reauthorization of existing hydroelectric project) and 543.710 (Annual fee based on horsepower) to establish a process for developing a coordinated state position to be reflected in governmental proceedings related to the reauthorization of existing hydroelectric facilities. The coordinated state position shall be reflected in state decisions, including but not limited to decisions relating to the allocation of water, certification of water quality and other state regulatory actions, as well as in state comments on federal actions, including relicensing by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. [1997 c.449 §3]