2015 ORS § 541.530¹
Order of commission regulating release of water

After the hearing provided for in ORS 541.525 (Hearing upon request of owner or operator of structure), if the Water Resources Commission determines that the release of stored water from the impoundment or diversion structure results or will result in rapid increase in the stream level below the structure and the increase creates or will create an unreasonable hazard to human life or property, the commission shall make and file in the offices of the Water Resources Department an order stating the terms, limitations and conditions relating to the release of water from the structure necessary to minimize the unreasonable hazard. In determining what constitutes unreasonable hazard and what terms, limitations and conditions are necessary to minimize it, the commission shall consider the likelihood of harm to the public, recreation benefits, power benefits, agriculture benefits, purpose of the structure, water flows, extent, nature and time of use by the public and all other material factors. [1961 c.379 §4; 1971 c.734 §84; 1985 c.673 §108]