2015 ORS § 537.880¹
  • log requirement
  • reporting

(1) The activity of drilling geotechnical holes is declared to be an activity affecting the public welfare, health and safety. In order to enable this state to protect the welfare, health and safety of its citizens, any person that drills a geotechnical hole shall keep a log of each geotechnical hole that is drilled and submit a report to the Water Resources Commission within 30 days after the completion of the drilling.

(2) This section applies to geotechnical holes that are:

(a) Greater than 18 feet deep;

(b) Within 50 feet of a water supply or a monitoring well;

(c) Used to determine water quality and open less than 72 hours; or

(d) Drilled in an area known or reasonably suspected to be contaminated. [2009 c.767 §2]