2015 ORS § 537.801¹
  • findings

(1) As used in ORS chapters 537 and 540:

(a) Basin means one of the river basins within this state, as defined by Water Resources Department Map No. 0.2, dated 1987, and entitled Oregon Drainage Basins, unless the context requires otherwise.

(b) Basin of origin means the basin in which surface or ground water that is the subject of an application under ORS 537.211 (Issuance of permit if application approved), 537.400 (Reservoir permits), 537.620 (Determination of completeness of application), 540.520 (Application for change of use, place of use or point of diversion), 543.210 (Preliminary permits) or 543.290 (Filing of maps, plans, estimates and other materials) is located.

(2) The Legislative Assembly finds that the transport of significant quantities of water outside the boundaries of the basin of origin may have a significant impact on the water and other resources of the basin of origin.

(3) Therefore, the Legislative Assembly declares that the waters of the state may not be appropriated, stored or diverted for use outside the basin of origin except in compliance with the provisions of ORS 537.801 (Definitions) to 537.860 (Vested rights protected), including, if applicable, the prior approval of the Legislative Assembly under ORS 537.810 (Diversion or appropriation of waters from basin of origin without legislative consent prohibited). [1989 c.936 §§2,3]