2015 ORS § 537.685¹
Findings of fact and order of determination

As soon as practicable after compilation of the evidence obtained in proceedings under ORS 537.665 (Investigation of ground water reservoirs) to 537.680 (Taking testimony), the Water Resources Director shall make and cause to be entered of record in the Water Resources Department findings of fact and an order of determination, determining and establishing the several rights to appropriate the ground water of the ground water reservoir. The findings of fact and order of determination shall also include:

(1) The boundaries and depth of each ground water reservoir.

(2) The lowest permissible water level in each ground water reservoir.

(3) The location, extent, quality and other pertinent characteristics of the ground water supply.

(4) The serviceable methods of withdrawal of the ground water from each ground water reservoir.

(5) Rules for controlling the use of the ground water from each ground water reservoir.

(6) Such general or special rules or restrictions with respect to the construction, operation and protection of wells and the withdrawal of ground water thereby as in the judgment of the director the public welfare, health and safety may require.

(7) The name and post-office address of each claimant.

(8) The nature of the use of the ground water allowed for each well, together with the maximum permissible use of the ground water, the place of use of the ground water and the date of priority of each use.

(9) If the ground water is used or is to be used for irrigation purposes, a description of the lands irrigated or to be irrigated, giving the number of acres irrigated or to be irrigated in each 40-acre legal subdivision.

(10) The location of each well with reference to government survey corners or monuments or corners of recorded plats.

(11) The depth, diameter and type of each well, the kind and amount of the casing, the capacity of each well in gallons per minute and such other information concerning each well as in the opinion of the director may be pertinent. [1955 c.708 §18; 1991 c.102 §4]