2015 ORS § 537.665¹
Investigation of ground water reservoirs
  • defining characteristics and assigning names and numbers

(1) Upon its own motion, or upon the request of another state agency or local government, the Water Resources Commission, within the limitations of available resources, shall proceed as rapidly as possible to identify and define tentatively the location, extent, depth and other characteristics of each ground water reservoir in this state, and shall assign to each a distinctive name or number or both as a means of identification. The commission may make any investigation and gather all data and information essential to a proper understanding of the characteristics of each ground water reservoir and the relative rights to appropriate ground water from each ground water reservoir.

(2) In identifying the characteristics of each ground water reservoir under subsection (1) of this section, the commission shall coordinate its activities with activities of the Department of Environmental Quality under ORS 468B.185 in order that the final characterization may include an assessment of both ground water quality and ground water quantity.

(3) Before the commission makes a final determination of boundaries and depth of any ground water reservoir, the Water Resources Director shall proceed to make a final determination of the rights to appropriate the ground water of the ground water reservoir under ORS 537.670 (Determination of rights to appropriate ground water of ground water reservoir) to 537.695 (Conclusive adjudication).

(4) The commission shall forward copies of all information acquired from an assessment conducted under this section to the central repository of information about Oregons ground water resource established pursuant to ORS 468B.167 (Ground water resource protection strategy). [1955 c.708 §14; 1985 c.673 §60; 1989 c.833 §58]