2015 ORS § 537.628¹
  • conditions
  • time limit for issuing final order after contested case hearing

(1) The Water Resources Department may approve an application for less ground water than applied for or upon terms, conditions and limitations necessary for the protection of the public welfare, safety and health. In any event the department shall not approve the application for more ground water than is applied for or than can be applied to a beneficial use. No application shall be approved when the same will deprive those having prior rights of appropriation for a beneficial use of the amount of water to which they are lawfully entitled.

(2) If a contested case hearing is held, the department shall issue a final order:

(a) Within 270 days after scheduling the hearing for a contested case proceeding that involves three or more parties not including the department; and

(b) Within 180 days after scheduling the hearing for all other contested case proceedings. [1995 c.416 §30]