2015 ORS § 537.450¹
Rules for proof as to work and use of water under permits
  • noncompliance as evidence in cancellation proceedings

The Water Resources Commission may by rule provide that the owners of permits shall submit or furnish proofs of commencement of work, prosecution of work with due diligence, completion of work, and of the application of water to a beneficial use under the permits. Failure to comply with the commissions rules in respect to the proofs shall be considered prima facie evidence of failure to commence work, prosecute work with due diligence, complete work, or apply water to the beneficial use contemplated by the permit in proceedings under ORS 537.410 (Failure to commence or complete work, or to properly apply water, as grounds for cancellation of permit) to 537.440 (Cancellation of permit) for the cancellation of permits. [Amended by 1985 c.673 §45]